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1992 W. W. Worthington Memorial Trophy

Test piece
Competition no
11th April 1992 Peter & Ruth Border 363 Stedman Caters 15
Result Place Team Faults Touch
1 Lichfield Archdeaconry Society 124 231456789
231546978   S1,2,9
351792468   3,6,S8,S10.S14
214365879   1,2,3,4,5,S8,9,S13,
2 Worcestershire & Districts Association 146
3 St Martin’s Guild 165
4 North Staffordshire Association 238
5 Midland Counties Guild 249
6 Derby Diocesan Association 260

Lichfield win the Worthington

The 15th annual W. W. Worthington Trophy 10-bell striking competition was held at Burton on Trent on Saturday 11th April. It was good to see the sunshine back for the event which has remained so popular over the years. The formal proceedings were opened by the Secretary of the Midland Counties Guild, Mr. Malcolm Quimby who invited the Vicar of St. Paul’s, the Revd. John Morris, to make the draw for ringing order from the silver trophy. First out of the bowl were the North Staffordshire Association, last, the Lichfield Archdeaconry Society.

This year six teams in all had entered to tackle Stedman Caters, a touch composed by our resident expert Mr. Alan Burbidge. The fine weather meant that many of those ringing during the afternoon and friends listened intently to the afternoon’s performances and were neither enticed to sip hot cups of tea provided by the ladies of St. Paul’s or visit the Needwood Forest where three towers had been made available during the afternoon for general ringing, Rangemore, Newchurch (recently augmented to six) and Hoar Cross, a challenge for anyone to ring well, were poorly attended but rung all the same thanks to some passing visitors.
Back in Burton our judges, Mr. and Mrs. Border, were listening to ringing that was improving as the afternoon progressed, a conflagration during the first test piece was the nearest any team came to disaster during the afternoon, this team managing to ring an alternative touch to the one composed for the afternoon. The rest of the teams to varying degrees of satisfaction completed the test piece successfully and at 5 p.m. we all eagerly awaited the judges’ decision.

Peter opened his remarks by thanking the organisers for the invitation to judge the competition and commented on the difficulty each band had had coping with this difficult peal of bells. Suitable comments were made about each piece of ringing with particular reference to the speed of the ringing. The final outcome was in fact that the last team to ring had in fact come first as had been the case last year. The full results as follows: 1st-Lichfield Archdeaconry Society (124 faults); 2nd­-Worcestershire and Districts Association (146); 3rd-St. Martins Guild (165); 4th-North Staffordshire Association (238); 5th-Midland Counties Guild (249); 6th-Derby Diocesan Association (260). The trophy was presented by Gerald Wright to the conductor of the winning team, Mr. Stuart Hutchieson.

Next years competition will be held on Saturday 3rd April. Let’s just hope the weather stays fine again.

Ringing World: May 29, 1992 p522

Photo gallery. Names from bottom right, clockwise

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Lichfield Archdeaconry Society
Richard J Hamby, Elizabeth Hutchieson, Clare L S Townsend, Martyn G Reed, William J Hall, Philip J Day, Vernon C Wright, Stuart C W Hutchieson, Philip R Johnson, Jonathan B Townsend.
Worcestershire & Districts Association
Claire Redstone, Alan C Hartley, David G Franklin, Andrew J Ellis, David P Bagley, Nicholas J Green, Charles S Hayward, H T Keith Haslam, Martin D Fellows, Roy K Williams.
St. Martin’s Guild
Frances Dodds, David G Hull, Andrew C Mitchell, Andrew N Stubbs, Roderick W Pipe, Richard L Jones, Anthony M Daw, John A Anderson, David J Pipe, Paul Needham.
North Staffordshire Association
Ian Friend, Jayne M Horne, Michael Wilshaw, David Danby, Harold Dowler, K Peter Jones, Raymond J Ballard, Alan P Walters, Christopher Adams, Philip W Gay.
Midland Counties Guild
Elaine Wright, Derek P Jones, Gordon H Lane, Malcolm Quimby (holding Katie Quimby), Beryl E Attaway, Stuart W Hale, Andrew E Else, Richard J Chantler, Alan S Burbidge, Richard Barnett.
Derby Diocesan Association
Gordon A Halls, Jane E Orchard, Patricia A M Halls, Frances E Haynes, David J Marshall, John E Heaton, John R Thorpe, Roy A Meads, Steven Peers, John V Chadwick.