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1993 W. W. Worthington Memorial Trophy

Test piece
Competition no
3 April 1993  Unknown 16
Result Place Team Faults
1 Derby Diocesan Association
No report has been found for this year. The photo album records that “The 16th Annual W. W. Worthington Trophy ten bell striking competition was held at Burton on Trent on Saturday 3rd April.” with the following photos.

Photo gallery. Names from bottom right, clockwise

[No Photo exists]
Derby Diocesan Association St Martin’s Guild
Mary T Rees, Frances Dodds, Stephen J Mills, Mark A Shepherd, Adam P Shepherd, Andrew N Stubbs, Anthony M Daw, Donald T Finnemore, Roderick W Pipe, Paul E Bibilo.
Midland Counties Guild
Elaine Wright, Richard J Chantler, Malcolm Quimby, Beryl E Attaway, Andrew E Else, Derek P Jones, Stuart W Hale, Richard Barnett, Rev. Peter T Robbins, Gordon H Lane.
Bath and Wells
Clive G Bryant, Jennifer M Taylor, ?, Margaret James,  ?, David James, John Brain, John H Gilbert, James R Taylor, ?.
Worcestershire And Districts Association
Roy K Williams, Claire Redstone, Christopher M Povey, Barbara E Piper, Stuart D Piper, Anthony J Barnfield, Paul M Evans, Charles S Hayward, David P Bagley, David Beacham.