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1996 W. W. Worthington Memorial Trophy

Test piece
Competition no
30th March 1996 Andrew Stubbs 243 Stedman Caters 19
Result Place Team Faults Touch
1 Derby Diocesan Association (Derby District) 64 two courses called


2 St Martin’s Guild 74
=3 Coventry Diocesan Guild 77
=3 Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association 77
5 Lichfield Archdeaconry Society 144
6 Worcestershire & Districts Association 151
7 Midland Counties Guild 185
8 Derby Diocesan Association (Rest of Derbyshire) 207
The winners of the 19th W. W. Worthington 10 bell Competition, held on 30th March 1996, were Derby D.A. (64 faults) for the second year in succession. Pat Halls received the trophy from Preb. David Morris, vicar of St Paul’s, Burton-upon- Trent.
Derby have now won the competition four times in all, the same number as Worcestershire & Districts, but one short of the St. Martin’s Guild.
The judge, Andrew Stubbs, placed St. Martin’s Guild 2nd (74 faults) and Coventry Guild and Gloucester & Bristol joint 3rd (77 faults).
The remaining places were taken by Lichfield A.S. (5th), Worcestershire & Districts (6th), Midland Counties (7th) and a second team from Derby D.A. (8th).
The date of next year’s competition will be 22nd March 1997.


Ringing World: April 12, 1996 p408

Photo gallery. Names from bottom right, clockwise

Derby Diocesan Association (Derby District)
Alan C Moult, Frances E Haynes, Jane E Boden, Pamela J Timms, Patricia A M Halls, Roy A Meads, Anthony P Cotton, Paul Jopp, Timothy J Peverett, John E Heaton.
St. Martin’s Guild
Simon P Griffiths, Frances Dodds, Donald T Finnemore, Timothy E H Waller, Anthea S Edwards, Anthony M Daw, Jonathan P Healy, Maurice F Edwards, Paul E Bibilo, Richard L Jones.
Coventry Diocesan Guild
Mark W Sayers, Christine F Homer, Ruth M Border, Jane Rogers, Geoffery Pratt, Peter Border, James Hughes, Christopher F Mew, Michael Chester, Simon P Rogers.
Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association
Mary Friskney, Elaine Scudamore, ?, ?, Charles Pipe-Wolferstan, Graham Sparey, David R Ware, Clive G Bryant, Ian P Hill, Keith W Scudamore.
Lichfield Archdeaconry Society
Philip J Day, Gail K Baggott, Elizabeth Hutchieson, Zoe A P Rook, Martyn G Reed, Andrew C Ogden, Stuart C W Hutchieson, David J Bateman, Matthew Lawrence, Alastair J Hopkins.
Worcestershire & Districts Association
David G Franklin, Simon J T Wilmshurst, Alan E Hartley, Anthony J Barnfield, Andrew J Hartley, David Beacham, Robert E Havard, Paul M Evans, Charles S Hayward, C James Hustler.
[Photo missing]
Midland Counties Guild Derby Diocesan Association (Rest of Derbyshire)
Clive W Longden, Frederick Ross, David H Sansum, F Gordon Faulks, Gordon A Halls, Simon Humphrey, John V Chadwick, Richard L Taylor, Philip Mehew, Tony Laughton.
Pat Halls receiving the cup. Pat Halls receiving the cup.