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2005 W. W. Worthington Memorial Trophy



Test piece

Competition no

3 September 2005 Rod Pipe Cambridge Surprise Royal 24 (Held at Derby Cathedral)
Result Place & peal speed Team Faults Touch
1 – 3h19 Derby Diocesan Association 58
2 – 3h10 Leicester Diocesan Guild 68
3 – 3h22 Yorkshire Association (Sheffield Branch) 108
4 – 3h20 University of London Society 116


Worthington Cup

The 2005 Worthington Cup Competition was, for the first time, hosted by the Derby Diocesan Association. It took place on Saturday 3rd September at Derby Cathedral.

The test piece was a course of Cambridge S. Royal with Rod Pipe as the judge.

Four teams competed and were placed as follows:

1st Derby Diocesan Association (58 faults) 2nd Leicester Diocesan Guild (68 faults) 3rd Sheffield Branch of the Yorkshire Association (108 faults) 4th London University Association (1l6 faults)


Ringing World: Sept 30, 2005 p956
The winning DDA team Frances Haynes, Pat Halls, Pam Timms, John Heaton, Tim Peverett, Roy Meads, David Marshall, Simon Melen, Richard Taylor, Anthony Cotton with Joshua Cotton.

Photo gallery. Names from bottom right, clockwise

Derby Diocesan Association
Simon C Melen, Pamela J Timms, Patricita A M Halls, Frances E Haynes, David J Marshall, John E Heaton, Richard L Taylor, Timothy J Peverett, Roy A Meads, Anthony P Cotton.
Leicester Diocesan Guild
Anthony J Fisher, Nicola D Mason, Angela S Franklin, Gail L Wade, David G Carling, Terry M Astill, Christopher M Rudge, Andrew J Preston, Mark J Pendery, Stephen J Franklin.
Yorkshire Association (Sheffield Branch)
Simon R Darwin, Dinah M Rhymer, Simon J T Smith, Caroline J Smith, Judith M Reading, Alan G Reading, Michael P Williamson, Simon J Reading, Richard F Knights, Neil Donovan.
University of London Society
Rupert H J Littlewood, Samantha J Hovey, Rebecca Sugden, B Haley Barnett, Quentin S A Jackson, ?, Andrew J Graham, Martin J Cansdale, Rebecca S Bruce, Katherine L Town, Andrew P F Bradford.
The judge: Rod Pipe