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2006 W. W. Worthington Memorial Trophy

Test piece
Competition no
16 September 2006 Bill Haynes Stedman Caters 25 (Held at Derby Cathedral)
Result Place Team Faults Touch
1 Nottingham 627 1,6,s8,s13,16        432156978
s7,s9,12,13,s16,19   312465789
s1,s6,s8,15          134265879
rounds 3 changes after course-endAll test ringing marked,
including rounds and standing,
extra marks for getting
difficult bits right!
2 St Martin’s Guild 593
3 Leicester Diocesan Guild 560
4 Derby Diocesan Association 447
5 Durham and Newcastle 372
6 Ewerby 307
Ringing World: November 10, 2006 p1092
Bill Haynes presents the cup to the winning team from Nottingham – left to right: Leah Wignell, Michael Garle, Denise Harden, Jonathan Young, Bill Haynes, Andrew Wignell, Kathryn Smith, Tim Poole (C), Alistair Smith, Peter England, Martyn Marriott

W. W. Worthington Cup

The competition for the W. W. Worthington Cup was held at Derby Cathedral on Saturday, 16th September 2006.

Six teams took part representing: St. Martin’s, Birmingham; Derby Diocese; the Central District of the Durham & Newcastle Association; Ewerby; Leicester Diocese; and Nottingham. Mr. Bill Haynes was given the task of marking the test piece of Stedman Caters and placed Nottingham first with St. Martin’s runners up.

Jane Temple

Photo gallery.

Photography by Roger Lawson. Names from bottom right, clockwise

Michael J Garle, Leah M Wignell, Kathryn M Smith, Timothy R Poole, Denise Harden, Andrew R Wignell, Martyn J Marriott, Jonathan F Young, Peter J England, Alistair J E Smith.
St. Martin’s Guild
Simon E Adams, Matthew Franklin, Brian Downie, Sarah Jones, Christine Mills, Stephen W Horton, Tim R Palmer, Paul D A Mills, Anthony M Daw, Richard L Jones.
Leicester Diocesan Guild
Gail L Wade, Anthony J Fisher, Kathy Rudge, Angela S Franklin, Jennie Paul, Stephen J Franklin, Terry M Astill, Christopher M Rudge, Andrew D Higson, Anthony J Haywood.
Derby Diocesan Association
Anthony P Cotton, Christian M Peckham, Pamela J Timms, Frances E Haynes, Simon C Melen, Roy A Meads, Simon Humphrey, Timothy J Peverett, Richard L Taylor, John E Heaton.
Durham and Newcastle
Bill Davidson, Christine Richardson, Sally East, Andreas Schrocksnadel, Kathryn Dodds, Jim Crowther, Duncan G Walker, Kristopher King, David V Craggs, Duncan Davis.
Sandra Rhodes, Mary S Faircloth, Michael Stracey, Fiona Dawson, Syliva Taylor, Janet M Clarke, Christopher C P Woodcock, Stephen Clarke, Philip Mason, John Underwood.