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2008 W. W. Worthington Memorial Trophy

Test piece
Competition no
20 September 2008 Clarke Walters Cambridge S Royal 27 (Held at Derby Cathedral)
Result Place & peal speed Team Faults Touch
1 – 3h19 Nottingham 39 whole course marked
2 – 3h17 Leicester 46
3 – 3h13 Derbyshire 49
4 – 3h01 Liverpool 57
5 – 3h19 Coventry 58
6 St Martin’s Guild withdrawn
Ringing World: October 24 2008, p 1104–1105
From WWWorthingtonCup
The winning team from Nottingham
Back: 6 Andrew R Wignell, 2 Clare Ryder, 4 Tim R Poole, 1 Denise Harden
Front: 3 Leah Wignell, 7 Martyn Marriott, 9 Robert Metcalfe, 10 Alistair Smith (c), 5 Michael Garle, 8 Jonathan Young

W. W. Worthington Memorial Trophy

Take a fine sunny day, the oldest ring of 10 in the world (clearly audible both inside and outside) combined with over 50 bell-ringers making and renewing acquaintances and you have the perfect ingredients for the 2008 W. W. Worthington Cup 10-bell striking competition, held on Saturday, 20th September at Derby Cathedral.

Making a welcome return to Derby, the judge, Clarke Walters, was installed in a comfortable office over the road where he heard some excellent ringing from the five teams as they each rang a plain course of Cambridge Surprise Royal. With only a handful of whole faults detected all day, the competition was close but the final results were as above.

Photo gallery. Names from bottom right, clockwise

Photography by Roger Lawson

From WWWorthingtonCup
From WWWorthingtonCup
Back row: 6 Andrew R Wignell, 7 Martyn J Marriott, 8 Jonathan F Young, 9 Robert A Metcalfe, 10 Alistair J E Smith (C)
Front row: 5 Michael J Garle, 4 Tim R Poole, 3 Leah M Wignell, 2 Clare Ryder, 1 Denise Harden
Back row: 6 Rowan P Wilson, 7 David G Carling, 8 Andrew D Higson, 9 Christopher M Rudge (C), 10 Terry M Astill
Front row: 5 Nicholas J Parr, 4 Andrew J Preston, 3 John R Cook, 2 Angela S Franklin, 1 Jennie Higson
From WWWorthingtonCup
From WWWorthingtonCup
Back row: 6 Christian Peckham, 7 Simon Humphrey, 8 Tim Peverett, 9 Richard Taylor, 10 John Heaton (C)
Front row: 5 Paul Jopp, 4 David Marshall, 3 Frances Haynes, 2 Duncan Walker, 1 Simon Melen
Back row: 6 Oliver M Austin, 7 Bryan J McCahey, 8 Paul J Tiebout, 9 Lenard J Mitchell, 10 Simon J Poole
Front row: 5 Daniel J Vernon, 4 Michael O’Hagan, 3 Siân E Kipling, 2 Paul B Hunter, 1 Samuel M Austin (C)
From WWWorthingtonCup
From WWWorthingtonCup
Back row: 6 Benedict Kimpton (C), 7 Andrew Alldrick, 8 Geoff Pratt, 9 Dominic Travis, 10 William R Haynes
Front row: 5 Ian Thompson, 4 Sarah Tompkins, 3 Claire Kimpton, 2 Richard Angrave, 1 Ruth Border
Captain of the winning team from Nottingham, Alistair Smith, receives the cup from the judge, Clarke Walters.
From WWWorthingtonCup
From WWWorthingtonCup
From WWWorthingtonCup
The judge’s lair:
Clarke Walters in one of the Cathedral Centre offices
The W. W. Worthington Cup
(Note: Iron-work not included)
The judge and venue:
Clarke Walters and the 16th century tower of