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2008 W. W. Worthington Memorial Trophy

Test piece
Competition no
20 September 2008 Clarke Walters Cambridge S Royal 27 (Held at Derby Cathedral)
Result Place & peal speed Team Faults Touch
1 – 3h19 Nottingham 39 whole course marked
2 – 3h17 Leicester 46
3 – 3h13 Derbyshire 49
4 – 3h01 Liverpool 57
5 – 3h19 Coventry 58
6 St Martin’s Guild withdrawn

W. W. Worthington Memorial Trophy

Take a fine sunny day, the oldest ring of 10 in the world (clearly audible both inside and outside) combined with over 50 bell-ringers making and renewing acquaintances and you have the perfect ingredients for the 2008 W. W. Worthington Cup 10-bell striking competition, held on Saturday, 20th September at Derby Cathedral.

Making a welcome return to Derby, the judge, Clarke Walters, was installed in a comfortable office over the road where he heard some excellent ringing from the five teams as they each rang a plain course of Cambridge Surprise Royal. With only a handful of whole faults detected all day, the competition was close but the final results were as above.

Ringing World: October 24 2008, p 1104–1105
Captain of the winning team from Nottingham, Alistair Smith, receives the cup from the judge, Clarke Walters.

Photo gallery.

Photography by Roger Lawson

Back row: 6 Andrew R Wignell, 7 Martyn J Marriott, 8 Jonathan F Young, 9 Robert A Metcalfe, 10 Alistair J E Smith (C)
Front row: 5 Michael J Garle, 4 Tim R Poole, 3 Leah M Wignell, 2 Clare Ryder, 1 Denise Harden
Back row: 6 Rowan P Wilson, 7 David G Carling, 8 Andrew D Higson, 9 Christopher M Rudge (C), 10 Terry M Astill
Front row: 5 Nicholas J Parr, 4 Andrew J Preston, 3 John R Cook, 2 Angela S Franklin, 1 Jennie Higson
Back row: 6 Christian Peckham, 7 Simon Humphrey, 8 Tim Peverett, 9 Richard Taylor, 10 John Heaton (C)
Front row: 5 Paul Jopp, 4 David Marshall, 3 Frances Haynes, 2 Duncan Walker, 1 Simon Melen
Back row: 6 Oliver M Austin, 7 Bryan J McCahey, 8 Paul J Tiebout, 9 Lenard J Mitchell, 10 Simon J Poole
Front row: 5 Daniel J Vernon, 4 Michael O’Hagan, 3 Siân E Kipling, 2 Paul B Hunter, 1 Samuel M Austin (C)
Back row: 6 Benedict Kimpton (C), 7 Andrew Alldrick, 8 Geoff Pratt, 9 Dominic Travis, 10 William R Haynes
Front row: 5 Ian Thompson, 4 Sarah Tompkins, 3 Claire Kimpton, 2 Richard Angrave, 1 Ruth Border