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2009 W. W. Worthington Memorial Trophy

Test piece
Competition no
26 September 2009 Chris Poole and Simon Bond 351 Stedman Caters 28 (Held at Nottingham St Mary)
Result Place Team Faults Touch
1 – 3h34 St Martin’s Guild, Birmingham 210 s1 s3 7 12
1 s6 15
1 s6
2 – 3h18 Nottingham 270
3 – 3h41 Rest of Derbyshire 307
4 – 3h31 Liverpool 308
5 – 3h26 Peak District, Derbyshire 405


Ringing World: December 11, 2009 p1236

W.W.Worthington Memorial Trophy 2009
(L-R) Tony Daw from the Birmingham team receives the cup from judges Chris Poole and Simon Bond.

On Saturday 26 September, five bands of ringers gathered at the church of St Mary the Virgin, Nottingham, to compete for the W W Worthington Memorial Trophy.  The trophy was first contested in 1978 in Burton upon Trent, with a test piece of Cambridge Royal and Stedman Caters.  This year the test piece was 351 changes of Stedman Caters.  This was the second time that the competition had been held in Nottingham and as in 2007 proved to be fine sunny day.  The two judges, Christopher Poole and Simon Bond, were positioned in a local solicitor’s office, rather than the lofty heights of the tower roof that Robin Hall and David Hull had experienced.

The draw was held at 12.45pm and the afternoon progressed smoothly; each band having 30 minutes to practice and to ring the test piece.  Roger Lawson again performed the role of ‘official photographer’ and ensured that every band’s photograph was taken for the competition album.  The album dates back to the early competitions and photographs from it can be found on the competition website,   The homemade cakes and tea that were served in the church during the ringing proved very popular; the neighbouring pubs carried on a roaring trade.  At 4pm, everyone reassembled in the church and the judges delivered their verdict.

Thanks go to all who were involved with the organisation of the competition, to the church, to the judges, to the makers of cakes, and especially to all the bands and supporters who came along to make the day both successful and enjoyable.  The 2010 competition will be held on Saturday 25 September at Derby Cathedral.

Tim Poole

Photo gallery.

© Photography by Roger Lawson. All rights reserved

St. Martin’s Guild
Back row: 6 Rod W Pipe (c), 7 Anthony M Daw, 8 Richard B Grimmett, 9 Michael Wilby, 10 Gordon R Birks
Front row: 5 Eleanor J Linford, 4 Tim R Palmer, 3 James A Forster, 2 Frances Dodds, 1 Victoria J M Wilby
Back row: 6 Jonathan Young (c), 7 Martyn Marriott, 8 Bob Metcalfe, 9 Peter England, 10 Alistair Smith
Front row: 5 Tim Poole, 4 Leah Wignell, 3 Sarah Young, 2 Clare Ryder, 1 Denise Harden
Rest of Derbyshire
Back row: (Edward and) 6 Anthony Cotton, 7 Christian Peckham (c), 8 Tim Peverett, 9 Paul Jopp, 10 John Heaton
Front row: 5 David Marshall, 4 John Fisher, 3 Pat Halls, 2 Pam Timms, 1 Simon Melen
Back row: 6 Samuel M Austin (c), 7 Oliver M Austin, 8 Bryan J McCahey, 9 Lenard J Mitchell, 10 Paul J Tiebout
Front row: 5 C Sally Williams, 4 David T G Jones, 3 John S Hopwood, 2 Paul B Hunter, 1 Siân E Kipling
Peak District, Derbyshire
Back row: 6 Duncan Walker (c), 7 Josh Eldridge, 8 Richard Taylor, 9 Richard Angrave, 10 Simon Humphrey
Front row: 5 Gail Lilley, 4 John Thorpe, 3 Mike Lilley, 2 Emma Humphrey, 1 Sally Walker