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2010 W. W. Worthington Memorial Trophy

Test piece
Competition no
25 September 2010 Mark Regan Pudsey S Royal 29 (Held at Derby Cathedral)
Result Place Team Faults Touch
1 – 3h24 Derby 85% Full course marked
2 – 3h13 Nottingham 71%
3 – 3h19 Beeston 67%
4 – 3h25 Leicester 63%
Liverpool (non arrival)
St Martins Guild, Birmingham
(withdrew the preceding week)
Ringing World: p665 & 667
The week before the competition, six teams had registered. Unfortunately, the St Martin’s Guild were not able to send a band, so we were down to five. At the allotted time, the draw took place and Liverpool were draw first. The Leicester team wandered off, perhaps to listen to the first team. However, none of the Liverpool team could be found. A phone call proved that they were still in Liverpool and thought they had withdrawn from the competition. We were down to four!

The Leicester team were rounded up and the contest continued without a hitch.

The judge, Mark Regan, was ensconced in the Cathedral Offices which gave a good vantage point for listening to the bells. Mark commented during the results that judging the Worthington was a lot less pressure than the 12 bell, no tape recorders around – there was a relaxed atmosphere.

The method chosen was Pudsey S Royal, with the full course marked. Mark described the method as fantastic and that he’d better learn it! “Pudsey is good for striking competitions” he said “bells were intertwined, not like methods in vogue today that are just coursing. You think you get a roll up and don’t; is it 1 and 2 or 2 and 1?” No wonder the 12 bell committee followed our lead and chose the method for the 2011 final in Leeds.

Mark did not provide faults, but a mark out of a hundred. He would not divulge the algorithm, partly because he’d just made it up. Team comments were as follows:

Team 1: Leicester. The ringing sounded nervous with a few little faults. The speed varied and was described as ‘blow by blow ringing’. The ringing was quite slow, which must have made the bells hard to ring.

Team 2: Nottingham. This ringing was faster and more competent. However, some of the ringing was rushed. The 8th lead was particularly good but there was a small trip in the last lead.

Team 3: Beeston. This ringing was interesting with signs of becoming very good, almost there.. almost there…….. almost there? There was a good beat, marred by a trip in the last lead. Good ringing.

Team 4: Derby. This team had the best rounds of the day, although not perfect. The test piece was very steady and excellent competition ringing. However, you would not want to ring a peal like this. He wondered what the ringing would be like if the team let it roll.

Mark summed up stating that he had not heard Pudsey Royal for ages, which drew a laugh. He then presented the cup to Tim Peverett, who Mark noted had asked him to judge!

Mark’s comment about the ringing not being recorded was incorrect. A digital dictaphone had been placed on the staircase, between the ringing room and the belfry. Details of the competition, including links to the recordings on YouTube, are on the website

The competition finished with it’s traditional visit to the pub, the cup being filled with a cocktail of alcohol and then passed around until empty. Thanks to Mark Regan for judging the competition, Jane Boden for the local arrangements and to Derby Cathedral for hosting the event.


Photo & sound gallery.

© Photography by Roger Lawson. All rights reserved

Back row: 6 Simon Humphrey, 7 Christian Peckham, 8 Paul Jopp, 9 Richard Taylor, 10 John Heaton
Front row: 5 Tim Peverett (C), 4 John Fisher, 3 Anthony Cotton, 2 Simon Melen, 1 Pat Halls
Back row 6: Andrew Wignell, 7: Martyn Marriott, 8: Peter Hawcock, 9: Peter England, 10: Bob Metcalfe
Front row 5: Jonathan Young (C), 4: Matthew Jones, 3: Emma Chapman, 2: Sarah Young, 1: Clare Ryder
Back row 6: Pat Wheeler, 7: Katy Idle, 8: Duncan McBurnie, 9: Tom Langton, 10: Alistair Smith (C)
Front row 5: Michael Garle, 4: Christine Langton, 3: Steph Clive, 2: Leah Wignell, 1: Tim Poole
Back row – 6: Jennifer A Harvey, 7: Dave G Carling, 8: Stephen J Franklin, 9: Neil W Harvey, 10: Terry M Astill (C)
Front row – 5: Steven J Harvey, 4: Alison M Harvey, 3: Nicky Mason, 2: Jennie Higson, 1: Samuel A Clements

Listen to the ringing!