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2012 W. W. Worthington Memorial Trophy

Test piece
Competition no
22 September 2012 Paul and Kate Flavell Stedman Caters 31 (Held at Derby Cathedral)
Ringing order Place Team Percent Touch
Rang 2nd 1 – 3h23 Derby 86% 333 changes of Stedman Caters
Rang 4th 2 – 3h17 Birmingham 84%
Rang 5th 3 – 3h17 St Wilfrid, York 81%
Rang 1st 4 – 3h21 Beeston 80%
Rang 3rd 5 – 3h09 Leicester 72%
Ringing World: p269 15 March 2013
Planning such an event is the key word. Judge, venue both booked well in advance, helpers arranged and last minute arrangements to use an office in the Cathedral Centre for the judge finalised.

So Saturday 22nd September duly arrives and even the sun is shining. What can go wrong? No pressure even if the organiser is moving house on the following Thursday.

At 12 noon we are made aware that a brass band is to be playing outside the tower opposite the Cathedral Centre, Paul and Kate Flavell declined the judging of their performance. The Cathedral authorities, to be fair, had no idea of the brass band. After a hasty rethink, Paul and Kate decide that the clock room under the ringing chamber will do.

Just as the judges were to go up the tower a cameraman from Central News arrives. Minor alteration to the rules to allow him to film ringing in action having already interviewed Paul in his dark judging space.

The competition starts only 10 minutes late! Five teams entered Derby DA, Beeston, Leicester Guild, Birmingham and St Wilfrid, York. A tricky touch of Stedman Caters, composed by Christian Peckham kept the conductors on their toes. All test pieces came round.

Paul and Kate finally descended and gave the results.

The ringers disappeared to the nearest local hostelry for the traditional celebration and the trophy full of beer was passed around the ringers present. Thanks to the Judges, Cathedral Authorities and helpers.

Retrospective judging by hawkear was almost successful. The recording didn’t pick up certain bells, but did manage to place the bands in the same order as the judges.

An (almost) complete history of the 31 competitions, including this years photos and test pieces is located on this website.

Next year’s contest is on 28th September 2013, at Sileby, Leicestershire.

Jane Boden (now lying down in a dark room recovering).

Photo & sound gallery.

© Photography by Roger Lawson
All rights reserved

Derby DA
Back row: 6 John R Fisher, 7 Anthony P Cotton, 8 Christian M Peckham (C), 9 Richard L Taylor, 10 John E Heaton
Front row: 1 Paul Jopp, 2 Pam J Timms, 3 Pat A M Halls, 4 David J Marshall, 5 Tim J Peverett
Back row: Gordon R Birks, Anthony M Daw, Michael P A Wilby (C), Simon J L Linford, James A Forster
Front row: Chris Mills, Susan J Healy, Adam A Brady, Matthew D Hardy, Frances Dodds
St Wilfrid, York
Back row: Judith M Hartley, Simon P Hartley, Jonathan J F Stokoe, Timothy P Bradley, David G Hull (C)
Front row: Jennifer H Backhouse, Helen M Beaumont, Alison L Edmonds, Pamela M White, Sophie E Palmer
Back row: Michael Garle, Tim Poole (C), Andrew Jackson, Alistair Smith, Tom Langton
Front row: Leah Wignell, Katy Idle, Kathryn Smith, Christine Langton, Duncan McBurnie
Back row: John R Cook, Ryan Mills, Andrew J Preston, Terry M Astill (C), Anthony J Haywood
Front row: Angela S Preston, Mark J Pendery, Ian Mellor, Stephen J Franklin, Sarah Pike

Listen to the ringing!